Who is Nathan Wise?

What can I say about myself, Jesus has saved me from a life of sin and now I live to talk about Him. But I guess there are things that I do to make Jesus known that I could talk about.

First to my relationship with Jesus I am a husband to the most incredible woman in the world, Lindsey. Not only does she put up with me, but serves our family with passion for Gods glory. Next I am a father of three wonderful children, Ezra and Ahna, and Gretchen. They keep me on my toes as I, by Gods grace, lead them to live Christ glorifying lives. After that I am the Pastor / church planter of Remedy Church in Missoula, Montana. This has been the most intense ride of my life! Planting a church is like drinking water through a fire hose. You get very wet. And thats where I’m at today. Making much of Jesus and preaching the gospel.

On this blog you will read, see and hear raw thoughts from my heart and mind concerning what Jesus is doing in my life. They will be transparent and uncensored. No, there won’t be sketchy stuff that you wouldn’t want your grandma to read, but I will be honest and real. Life is messy and serving Jesus is not always pretty and neat. I want the readers of this blog to see the struggles, failures and shortcomings as well as victories that God brings me through. I pray by Gods grace you will be encouraged and challenged by what you read.

Stay stoked in Him,



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