You Never Know What To Expect

Walking with Jesus is never boring. If you think it is, it’s because you’re boring and you never step out of the boat….you never take risks, you play it safe, and when you play it safe so does The Lord. His power only comes in slow drip quantities because you’re traveling at idle speeds so that’s all you get! But the funny thing is that when you see God do great things in the lives of those around you, you wish those same things would happen in your life!? Ironic huh!? If you want to see Gods glory and power in unexpected ways you gotta climb the mountain with Jesus. But you can’t just be a glory seeker….Because not every mountain top will result in the same experience.
// On one mountain you will see God blow the spot, and on the next He will whisper softly….
So you can’t govern what God does on the mountain, but you can know that he will be there when you climb it.

You never know what to expect…..well…there is one thing you can and should expect to see…..His glory…. (Luke 9:32)
God’s glory was the very thing Jesus chose to show the disciples as they started their walk toward Jerusalem. It was meant to strengthen them, give them hope, confidence, and assurance…. His glory was the most important thing for them to see…period. What was Moses’ one request of The Lord before he met with him on the mountain (Ex 33:18… Please show me your glory!) Seeing the glory of The Lord on that mountain top was what changed Moses and it was noticeable. He was a different person (Ex 34:29-35) It wasn’t the mountain that changed him, that was just part of the journey….it was an encounter with the glory of God that made him different! And so it is for us! 2 Cor 3:18)

So if you are tired of the same ol’ same ol’ get militant with your faith! Take a Hike with Jesus and get with the Lord. You never know what to expect….. but one thing is for sure….you will see His glory shine…and you will ever be changed


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