My Messed Up Heart

My messed up heart
My expectations of church planting have pretty much self destructed. Better yet, they have imploded. Collapsing on themselves my ideas of what would bring fulfillment, peace, joy, energy and the like have failed me. Not the attainment of a large vibrant church because we are far from that. Rather the pursuit of that in my mind as being the total fulfillment of my life and the will of God. What I have found is that nothing will satisfy and fulfill apart from the plain and simple love of God.

But there is a complexity to the simplicity.

Our heart is constantly discontent with what we have. Success, pleasures, relationships and anything else we can grab ahold of never satisfies in the long term. Only momentarily will anything self attaining bring fulfillment. What needs to happen is a for God to work in us a new sense of success. Humanity sees success as bigger, better, higher and loftier where the true meaning of success doesn’t lie in measurable goals but in immeasurable grace.

The success we desperately need to pursue, when boiled down, is nothing we can work toward but something that Jesus must work in.

This is why we need to pursue Him and only Him. Because “success” is a ladder that ends abruptly and without notice when the rungs are built with yourself in mind. But when Gods limitless grace is your ladder built with the sacrifice of Jesus and bound with His victory you can climb higher than you ever expected. Why? Because Gods Spirit gives you the wings that Red bull covets. Not only will you climb higher, faster, stronger and further but it will be in step with Gods plan for success. And what is that? Simply to walk in the Grace of God by the power of Jesus’ resurrection. Because He is risen so will He raise us up in newness of life.

We all need a resurrection. Some of us from bombed expectations like mine and others from a library of other categories. Lets not get altitude sickness with a messed up view of success. Keep it simple.

Wake up, breathe grace, trust God, love Jesus and exhale life.

Simply complicated isn’t it?


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