What is Fast Friday?

At remedy church we have embarked on a new initiative to fast and pray on Fridays from 7 AM to 7 PM throughout our study of the book of Nehemiah. Why? Because we want to see God do a work of revival in our lives and in the city of Missoula. As we read the first chapter of Nehemiah we see a man who is utterly broken before God, weeping and fasting for a generation that is lost in sin and in desperate need of revival. And as God used this one man to spark revival, we share Nehemiah’s heart and passion and therefore are setting out on a similar mission!

Since fasting is new to many people or they don’t have a good grasp on the topic, I thought I would share some quick thoughts.

fasting is not about changing God’s heart but ours

This entry is not by any means exhaustive but simply meant to give you a framework around your fast.

The most common biblical fast is from food, but you can fast from anything. Because a fast is simply abstaining from a certain thing for the purpose of drawing close to God through prayer and meditation, you can fast from much more than a meal. You can fast from entertainment, from hobbies, from marital sex for a period of time with your spouses approval, from certain delicacies, from Internet, virtually anything. Fasting is not about changing God’s heart but ours. We set aside our will and desires so that we might align ourselves with His.

So at remedy what that looks like for us is we are going to fast from food from 7 AM to 7 PM on Friday’s. Now if you have a medical condition, you’re pregnant, or something else is going on where you absolutely can’t abstain from food, that’s okay! Set aside another comfort from 7 AM to 7 PM and replace the time you’d be doing that thing with seeking God.

Just don’t get caught up in the particulars. This isn’t meant to be a legalistic ritual but an outpouring of God’s people in prayer to beg Him to radically change us and this city. That Jesus might be worshiped, honored, obeyed, loved and cherished.

To help foster community and unity in our campaign we will be posting prayer focuses on our Twitter and Facebook page throughout each Friday. This will enable us to focus our energy as we pray and seek God for gospel centered change in our lives and in this city.

If you have any questions about fasting or our Fast Friday campaign please email us at fastfriday@remedymissoula.org

Let’s join together as we watch God do great things in us and through us to make Jesus famous!


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