Out of Your Mind

Last weekend I had a chance to really apply my message. I was teaching about the proper mindset that we should have when serving in any capacity. In Philippians chapter two Paul exhorts the believers to serve one another with the same mindset that Jesus had in coming to serve us via the Cross. Selfless, sacrificial and without expecting anything in return.  What I found was that I was not keeping in line with that thinking. Let me explain….

So here’s how it went down. Before leaving my house Saturday, I transferred my notes from Pages to my iPad. Usually I double and triple check to make sure that they successfully get copied over, but this time I was a little under the gun and had to get a move on. So when i got to the pulpit to preach I pulled out my iPad, launched Good Reader and noticed my message notes were not there. Not Good.
Long story short I called my wife, (who by God’s grace was home sick) and had her email my notes to me. So I opened the email up on my iPhone and proceeded to preach from my notes. Miniature style.

On my way home I was thinking through my message. I felt like I was staring at my phone the entire time and making little eye contact with the congregation. I was so focused on my performance that I forgot what the point of preaching is. I was “in my right mind” when I needed to be “out of my mind”. Christ served us by unselfish obedience to the Father and I need to put on that mindset. I don’t preach because I want to be seen as eloquent or gifted. I preach because God has commanded me to and I take great joy in obeying my King. It is for the advancement of the Gospel not my agenda.

So by God’s grace I pray you put on the mind of Christ when you serve in any capacity and stay “Out of your mind”. Serve with reckless abandon without the expectation of any recognition. For it is God who sees you and will reward you!


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