Thank God for Your Job

Today was the national day of prayer and I found myself thinking about what I should pray for. The first thing that came to mind was to thank God for the job He has provided for me. You see, yesterday was my seven year anniversary of employment with Costco Wholesale. And I can’t even begin to count the many reasons I’m thankful for this job. One stands out to me though. The fact that God has used this job to move me around the states in order to accomplish His will in my life. My job is what God used to get me to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico where I attended Pastoral ministry school. My job is what God used to close doors and open them to where He wanted me to plant Remedy Church. And my job is what is enabling me to pastor now. And by His grace I have seen Him do awesome things at Costco throughout the seven years I have been with the company. From people getting saved to rededicating their lives to serve Him, I have watched Gods hand do awesome things.

I think often we as Christians forget to see our workplaces as useful ministry spots. We have the tendency to compartmentalize our relationship with Jesus. We are useful for the Lord outside of our jobs but the 9 to 5 is not thought of as a place for God to speak and use us. Let me throw out an example from the OT. Nehemiah was a dude who punched the clock. His job was to make sure the president’s beverages were icy cold and free from artificial junk. Ok, he was the Kings cup bearer. But that was his JOB. And the awesome thing is that God used that job to provide a way for Nehemiah to fulfill His will. To restore the walls of Jerusalem. In record time!

God wants to do awesome things in and through your life. But don’t miss HOW He wants to do it. It may just be that He is using your job to “get the job done”… Pun intended. So be on the lookout for the evidences of God’s grace in you life at the work joint. Be intentional in discovering how God wants you to be a part of a spiritual revival at your job. Look back and see how God has used the job HE has provided for you to bring glory to His name and then seek to make much of Jesus every day you punch the clock. And by God’s grace He will take you places that will fulfill His incredible purpose in your life. And He will use your job to do it.


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