Sunday’s at Remedy Church

Today we set out on a new adventure at Remedy Church. The launch of Sunday morning services. One thing I have learned so far in the nearly 12 months of church planting is that you have to be willing to be flexible. Often times the original vision God gives you is only to take you far enough to have Him re-mold it. Thats where Sunday services come in. When I came out to Missoula I wanted to plant the church using Saturday nights as our primary service. You not only can spend an awesome evening worshiping Jesus with your closest friends, but you also get the benefit of sleeping in on Sunday morning. What I failed to see though was that Missoula is a more traditional town were Saturday nights are spent at events and Sunday mornings are reserved for church.

So by Gods grace we decided to add a second service to the mix. It is not a new service in concept, rather a mirror image of Saturday nights. We just saw another opportunity to reach more of Missoula with the Gospel and we’re going for it. So help us get the word out that Remedy is LIVE on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Full Children’s ministry available, awesome worship and of course an in-depth, life changing message from Gods Word. Maybe we’ll see YOU this weekend. Until then, pray God glorifies His name through this new adventure and much is made of Jesus.


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