In-N-Out Christianity

One of the things I really love about In-N-Out burger is the fast service. You come into the joint expecting to be served promptly and without error. Their business ethic is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve even seen them serve over 100 hungry high-schoolers in less than 20 minutes. They never waist time in serving you. And that is exactly what I have seen be the driving force in moving the Lopez family from Santa Fe New Mexico to Missoula as they join the team at Remedy Church. It’s all about serving Jesus and doing it well with excellence.

Two very cool examples to share with you.

1. As we were unpacking the moving truck two youth came along and to help us unpack. It was cool to see them reach out to us and lend a hand. But what was even cooler was to see Issac rock the Gospel as we were finishing up. They did some heavy lifting, but Issac did the heavy preaching. Very cool.

2. That was day one. Day two was no different, but instead of unpacking a moving truck at the apartment, Issac and Peter went to the University to unpack some Gospel Truth. First they munched some grub across the street from campus and then jetted over to the U. Not more than 60 seconds on the grounds and Peter was in motion sharing with some students about what Jesus had done for them in dying on the cross in their place. Peters skills were on display to the glory of God as he answered the tough world view questions the students would throw at him. While Issac would take part in sharing the life changing truth of the Gospel. Again, no time wasted.

These are the type of cats I get to serve with. These are the male leaders that God has placed at Remedy Church Missoula. I am more than stoked to know that they waste no time making the Gospel known. In a world full of poor service and lame excuses, these men give there all to the glory of Jesus. No DMV type service here. Just fast, efficient, excellent service with a smile. This is In-N-Out Christianity. This is how we should serve Christ. (Phil 2:14-16)


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