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With that out of the way now we can talk about one of my favorite
childhood activities. Building things with Legos. Those cool building
blocks that can keep you busy for hours and even days on end. Whenever
I got a new set of legos I always tore open the packaging and just
looked at the front of the box trying to build what the picture
presented. And you know how it is. The picutre is perfect and so cool
looking! So I would go at it for ever trying with all my might to
reproduce that killer castle or building or whatever. I never once
look at the instructions because, I know I got this! I know exactly
what I'm doing. Even if I had never built that particular lego building.

I've learned that planting a church is like building with legos. First
off if you try to build what you think the perfect church looks like
from outward appearence alone you will have a jacked up church. You
can't just look at some cool, big, growing, advancing church and try
and copy what they look like. God gives us each a unique set of
building blocks to use and also the instructions to follow! So it's
all about following the instructions laid out in the Bible. And as
Jesus said,"I will build My church and the gates of hell will not
prevail against it!"
So one piece at a time I follow the instruction manual by Gods grace
and slowely begin to see the church being built. Block by block.
Person by person. Soul by soul.

If I would have only knew then what I know now I would have been a lot
better at building those crazy cool Lego creations as a kid! Oh well,
live and learn!

Bottom line is that it's Gods church and unless HE builds it, we labor
in vain!

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