A little off the top

Busy, busy, busy. Life can be so busy! Sometimes even too busy to get
the simplest things done. Like getting your hair cut!
It was my time. I had to get it done! It was getting way to long
for my liking. Even though the weather is still quite bitter, the mop
had to go.
So I figured since I was going to be under the blades for a while
I would take the liberty to enlighten my stylist on a spiritual note.
I love how God is in everything and you can re-route litteraly ANY
conversation back to Him, even hair styling. So being inspired to
speak to my hair artist on her level, I explained how God is like a
Master Stylist. You see we come to God with a knarly head of hair.
Tangled, over-grown, dirty and with no "style" at all. Then He takes
us and cleans our filthy hair and adds conditioner. Now He goes to
town on cutting away all the hair that doesn't belong in order to
create a master piece. He then sends us on our way with all the
product and tips needed to keep our hair presentable. And He knows we
will need a trim soon so He makes Himself available at any time to
cut, clean and style our hair.
Next time I go back in for my trim, I want to ask her if she knows
how to make an apoontment with God for a make over! And if not, I will
give he His card!

Don't forget to get your trim when you need it! After all, it's free!

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