Peace seems so hard to come by…

Peace seems so hard to come by…. the world apart from Christ might say. “How can you know true peace.” “How can you have true peace in a world so filled with war and negativity?” What the world apart from Christ doesn’t realize is that the answer is simply a breath away. In one exhale of a short breath words can come out of a persons mouth and into the hearing of a God who wants them to breathe. No you can’t just say a set number of words to gain peace, but “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”(Matt 12:34b) Our lips are the shadow of our hearts, they follow along and are connected. 

So what’s Peace then? Peace is not simply a feeling, for when I eat bad pizza I don’t feel peace. I feel the exact opposite of peace, turmoil. Realize that we do feel peace also. God gave us emotions as an expression of who He has made us to be individually. And if we have them, it is because God has them too. But peace is more of a state of reality. I have peace with Christ not because I feel at peace with Him, but because I am at peace with Him. By Jesus saving me by means of His death on the cross, I now have open access to God by the Spirit. Jesus made the bridge from sinful man to holy God and the Spirit is the one who escorts us into His presence. 
So True Peace is not just a feeling we get when we have enough money to pay our bills during the holidays, rather having accepted Christ as Lord and knowing that the “bill” for sin has been paid. That is true peace. I have always said that emotions are the offspring of actions. Let true peace reign in your life today as you walk in the wonderful fact that Jesus Paid it All. 

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