Daughters Are

Daughters are a basket of energy

Daughters are always in the middle of becoming a princess
Daughters are the reason Dads worry
Daughters are the main selling point behind a fully automatic weapon with a 40 round magazine 
Daughters are responsible for Dads cleaning their rifles whenever boys are around
Daughters are the reason monasteries stay full
Daughters are the reason we cry at weddings
Daughters are the reason we have daughters
Daughters are time consuming (in a good way)
Daughters are Moms, and Grandma’s 
Daughters are entertaining younger brothers by dressing them up like dolls
Daughters are eventually going to like boys….
….which brings me to my current state of being a Dad
I’m not sure when boys become “cute” and “look, its a boy!” but I can tell you that my lovely daughter is seven and these “boys” have been discovered.  They are now somehow different than they were before. Before they were just other forms of human life, and now they are “ooohhhh, loook!” I’m not a fan of this new discovery, but I supposed it was bound to take place sooner or later. I just wish it was later. Like when she is 28 and in a pre-arranged marriage. 
Life at its finest. It never comes at you the way you envision it, nor at the most convenient time, it just burst through the door and lets itself in. But there is hope! I have this really cool book called “The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook” It list a plethora of ways to deal with the worst possible things that could happen to you. Things like, how to pass gas in an office meeting without getting caught, how to survive being hit by the door of a person getting out of a parked car while riding by on a bicycle, ya know, the important things. Its a fun book, but on a serious note we have the same book. Its called the Bible. 
The Bible deals with the worst case situations as well as the best case ones. There is advice for parenting, marriage, how to be a dad and a host of other lively topics. It is the very Word of God and is the only book to have power in our lives. When Lazarus was raised from the dead, it was his obedience to the Word (Jesus) that brought him into fellowship with Emmanuel once again.
 I love my daughter very much and want her to have a pure, Christ exalting life. Therefore to the Word I go. There we will see what the Author has to say about “boys”. (Pray for us….)

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