Flying Out

I love traveling. Especially by plane. It's amazing how you can be so
high above everything but yet be so far from reaching the highest
height. It's pretty fitting though. Think about a persons relationship
with God. God is all knowing, all powerfull, everywhere at the same
time an completely limitless! And even in our most intimate and
precious times where we feel the very presence of God, we are so far
from experiencing the full weight of His glory. Don't think that this
is a bad thing. It's a wonderful truth, for if we were to experience
the glory of God in it's entiriety, we would basically evaporate from
existance! It would be like stepping out of a space ship without a
space suit on! Our human bodies aren't built in such a way to handle
the whole of God….yet.

When the believer dies they will be in a body that is unique in make
up and able to stand in the very presence of God! But untill then we
keep seeking to know Him in the most intimate way possible! And He is
so faithful to reveal His splendor to us and call us his own!

I am on my way to Riverside California to attend "Preach The Word", a
pastors confrence at Harvest Christian Fellowship. I will be meeting
up with my good friends Kourtney and Peter and enjoying four great
days of pastoral training. With speakers such as: Bob Coy, Chuck
Smith, Charles Swindoll, and many others including Greg Lauri, it's
sure to be powerful! Pray that we would be attentive to every word and
spoken to in a powerful way.


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