Shining Through

Most every time that a Christian steps out in faith to do a work for
Lord it is meet with opposition. Opposition from other believers, non-
Christians and most inevidable, Satan himself. So it's no supprise
that just like this picture, I experience cloudy days. But more
importantly on even the darkest days, Gods grace is always present,
shining through the thick with a light that is more noticable that the
dark around it. I'm so greatful for the fact that God is for those who
love Him.

Looking forward to the weeks ahead, I will be attending a pastors
confrence in California. "Preach the Word" will be held at Harvest
Christian Fellowship with some very gifted and experienced men of God.
Greg Lauri, John McAuthor, Bob Coy and Chuck Swindol are just some of
the speakers that will be investing in the pastors of today and
tomorrow. That will most definitly be a time of Gods glory being seen.
I look forward to being challenged and encouraged as a young Church
Planter an bringing that excitment back to Missoula!


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