I think life is about to get a little less hectic, if that's possible.
The last two months have been rather crazy with the start of Remedy,
getting my job rolling and buying our first home. Work is now going
great. Costco is an amazing company that has enabled me to do so much!
From going to school in Albuquerque to starting Remedy, Costco has
really been supportive.

Now we have our first house! What a trip it was going through the
process without a realtor! We learned quite a lot, like GET a realtor!
God really guided us the whole way and we got a great deal on a killer
house! I now have a very important room, an office. I'm so stoked to
have a place to set up my library and study.

Remedy I going well. Each week brings new and exciting times. Still
trying to establish a study routine that is effective so I have more
time to go out on the town to spread the word. But in my imperfection
God does amazing things! We will be in Ephesians 2 next week and it
will be a great study!

This weekend we are moving in our new house and once that chaos is
over I should be able to write more then once every week or so.


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