Last Thursday we took a look at how we are blessed as a result of our Salvation. The whole first chapter of Ephesians hangs from one word, Blessed. But the subject of who is blessed is not us. It speaks of how God is blessed by two different means. First by the fact that his very character is that he is blessed. One of my very attributes is that I am a male. There is nothing that can be done for me to change that reality, it is going to be that way no matter what. God is just simply blessed because it is just who he is. But the intense thing is that since all who have received Christ as Savior have the Holy Spirit living in them, God is living in them. And the blessings follow suit! Its just who God is. He blesses His people based upon nothing we have done, but based upon His very character. Amazing grace how sweet the sound….

The second way is that the word “blessed” also refers to praise. The thought that we should be constantly be praising God for the salvation He bought for us at the cross through Christ. And the praise to Him for all He is doing for and in us as a result of our salvation. What a wonderful God we serve!

Pictured to the right is our third study at Remedy. It is cool to see how God is working here. Now that we have a secure location in a good atmosphere we are excited to see what God is going to do. The best thing is that its not about being fancy or pragmatic. Its all about teaching the Word and seeing peoples lives change. Im crazy stoked to be doing this work for God!

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