New Location!

These are some pictures from the newest and hopefully semi-permanent meeting place for Remedy. It has always been my vision to start the church on the historic University of Montana campus. The layout of the College is perfect to reach out and connect with thousands of people everyday. And really, what college student isn’t looking for a free meal!
Today after work, I rolled over to the campus to see the exact layout of the meeting room. I have always remembered the University Center being a open space with sweet rooms for meeting. As I pulled into the parking lot with much excitement I could already see all kinds of possible ministry happening on campus! I ran up the stairs and opened the door with anticipation. I looked to the left before entering and easily found a sign pointing me to the various meeting rooms with their respective numbers. There it was, Room 223. I followed the signs and found our room with little difficulty. The first door you open to our meeting room is a large common area which will be perfect for setting up the Free Meal! It will also provide for excellent hang out time before and after study.To really top it off, it is only costing us $10.00 per meeting! What a blessing! And the admin staff said they would be totally willing to work with us at a discount rate as we grow!
After my heart slowed down a bit, I stepped out of the room to pray for a bit. I was overwhelmed with confidence that God had provided this amazing deal in a perfect location! Im stoked to see what the future holds! 
One thing God is showing us is that we can’t do this on our own. So here are some prayer requests:
-God would bring 2-3 people along side us to help with the plant
-Wisdom in finding legal representation to set up the Church paperwork
-Our home loan would go through (and quickly) for the house we are looking to buy
**A special thanks for those who have already given financially and prayerfully to Remedy and the Wise Family!

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