Remedy’s 1st study

What an amazing thing it is to step out in faith and do things for
God! This past thursday night we had our first official study for
Remedy. We met in a confrence room at the Missoula public library in
downtown Missoula. We were excited that a couple of our good friends
from Northern Montana came to join us. In all there were five adults
and my daughter. It was cool to see someone we didn’t know show up in
the middle of worship! He pulled out his pocket NT and followed allong
the whole time.

I have found that as of this moment, I’m not particularly fond of
teaching introductions of books. I think because there seems to be so
many facts to cover, but you don’t want to put your audience to sleep
with too many. I am stoked to actually begin the book of Ephesians
this comming Thursday though!

Right now I am enjoying some time alone up in the mountains before I
go home to unpack some Bible truth!


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