Pre game

Before any sporting event there is usually what is called a "pre-game"
show. The purpose of the episode is to talk about what to expect, who
are the key players, strengths, weeknesses and other facts pertainant
to the event a hand. That's exactly what we are going to talk about
tonight at Remedy's first study.

Starting the book of Ephesians I've titles the study series, "Body by
Paul". It will be a verse by verse look at how we are to be built up
as the body of Christ. Tonight I will introduce the book and we will
see the lay of the land as seen from a mountain top, a wide scape.

We will see that the first three chapters are dedicated to the
believers character and the last three to the conduct of how that
character should be lived out. The book climaxes at the end with a
look at the weapons of our warfare as Christians. How are we to defend
ourselves in this spiritual battle? Come and find out! Check out
for times and location!

Keep Remedy in prayer as we seek to bring a fresh and revelant look at
Gods timeless truth to all who come!


(Missoula Public Library where Remedy will meet for the first two


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