Frisbee Golf

I have some time up here in the wilderness to enjoy frisbee golf and
write you an update.

First of all we have secured a location for Remedy to meet in for the
first two weeks. We will be meeting in the public library in one of
their meeting rooms. It is really a blessing because it can fit 20
pluse adults and they provide chairs and other equiptment. Not to
mention it's free! So for September 25th and the first Thursday in
October we are set!

Now your probably wondering what frisbee golf is. Well it's exactly
what you would think it is. Instead of hitting a golf ball your throw
a disk that is thin on the inside and thick and weighted heavy on the
rim. Instead of a hole in the ground you throw into a basket that is
apx 3.5 feet off the ground an have chains to cath the disk. Well off
to hole 10. See ya!

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