A day on the town

Today my wife and I enjoyed a day out of the house together. My Mom
graciously agreed to watch the kids so we could be unrestricted. The
plan of the day was to do some home and church location shopping.

First we meet with a mortgage company to asses our needs to budget
ratio. We were stoked to find out about how many different programs
were available for 1st time home buyers like us! Not only that, but it
was encouraging to see on paper where we needed to be in order to get
into a home. There is this sweet program that requires no down pmt and
has other perks as long as we buy outside of city limits. You may
remember the post titled "Searching". That area meets the
qualifications of the program! Pray that we can find something in our
price range there!

Then lunch. That's where the picture comes in….We ate at a sweet
specialty pizza joint. We had some chips-n-salsa, a Thai salad, and
then a Spicy Hawaiian pizza with bbq sauce and peppers. Amazing!

Sooo keep us in prayer that God would show us where to live and that
He would give us a location for the Church to meet at.

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