Going Away Party

Today was a day full of good laughs and friends. This past week, or
more like month has been crazy busy. Yet I'm the midst of all the
insanity of moving and starting a church, Lindsey and her good friend
Faith planned a wonderful going away party for us Wises. We got to
share some good food and fellowship with several of our friends. We
even got to enjoy the most amazing creations….. Fried mac-n-cheese.
Something I will never consume again.
After those festivities came to a close, I was off to Chilies to
hang with the work crew from Costco. I love my crew and will miss them
greatly. They even hooked me up with a sweet Zodiac brand watch that I
had my eye on! How cool is that! The entire day was a blessing and I
pray God blesses all who came and those who couldn't make it also! The
final week is among us!

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