Moving is a very exciting and stressful time. We are getting ready to
head back to my home town (Missoula, MT) to start a church! We are
definitly stoked about what God is going to do with us but not so
stoked about packing and driving 800 miles in a Uhaul. Not that I'm
complaining ….ok, maybe I am a little and I should stop, but
seriously, who enjoys all the mahem associated with moving. Besides
moving companies who rake in cash for doing it for you. Which I
suppose if I was like a millionaire, that would be how I'd roll.
Ok I'm off my moving soapbox now. God has been so good to us. And
He often deals with us spritually the same way as we treat relocating.
When God often changes our course He will ask us to take inventory of
what presuppositions we have gathered and cast aside the things that
can slow us down. When we move physically we garage sale stuff we have
held on to that we really don't need. We should be doing away often
with the things which make moving forward spiritually harder than it
needs to be.

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