The o2 Experience

Last night Calvary of Albuquerque put on an amazing event called The
o2 Experience. It is an super cool purity confrence that involves not
only cool bands and lots of visual effects, but the Gospe message and
a call to purity. I had the privilage to be a counselor for all who
would make a commitment to follow Christ after the first session.

After the first message given by Levi Lusko, around 270 young students
came up to pray to commit their lives to Jesus. It was cool to see so
many make such a bold proclaimation! Pray for all those who came
forward last night that they would get involved with other students
who have a strong walk with God and would grow in their relationship
with Jesus.

Also pray for the thousands who stood to make a commitment of purity.
To remain sexually pure from this day forward!

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