Weeds are lame

Weeding is by far the coolest thing to do on your day off for six
hours. Now I'm not being the least bit facicious, really. Ok, maybe I
am a little unhppy with the fact that weeds grow so fast and crazy
like, but I suppose that is the nature of the beast. What I do notice
about these little plants is that they start small and can grow into
enormous problems all the while spreading like wildfire. There is a
very close resemblance to sin. It usually starts small and seemingly
harmless, but can not only grow into a huge problem, but can infect
others and become uncontrolable. So keeping sin (weeds) under control
is vital. I personally pulled all the large weeds and then used a
spray to not only eliminate present weeds but to prevent future ones.
We can do this in our spiritual walk by confessing our sin to God and
staying watered with the Word to help prevent future sin. Good thing
we have the Master Gardener in our lives!

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