iphone 3G = Simplicity

It seems that there is a lot of buzz over the new iPhone lately. I have seen many different articles concerning the price plans and the hardware pre-installed on the device. Honestly, I am going to be in line for mine. Why? Well the main reason is that Im sick of having so many different devices in my pocket at one time. I used to have to carry a Palm Pilot for my calendar, my iPod for my music, and my cell phone for the obvious. Last year I was given wonderful gift. A Palm Treo smart phone. This cut my devices down to two. I could finally get rid of my calendar device. So now I carry a large phone and still my iPod. But soon, very soon, I will be able to set down the Palm Treo and iPod and carry ONE device. Simplicity is really the whole reason for me. Anything that can help me cut down the amount of clutter in my life is a good thing. It will be a great tool for ministry as well. See ya in line!


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