I love reactions. Reactions to a good practical joke. Reactions to a
good scare. Reactions to giving my wife a nice gift. Reactions of my
kids when I come home from work. But there is one reaction I could do
without. The allergic reaction. Yes, I am prone to this phenomena
called allergies and they can sometimes throw me for a loop! Today I
woke up with a sneezing fit from the dark side! But the only "force"
that was with me was the force of a "aaahhhh chheeeewww!" I guess all
the house work and such really set me off. Not to mention that I took
a dip in a freshly chlorinated pool and to top it off a friend and I
went mtn biking in the foothills during high bloom! The price I pay
for work and fun…. Oh well, I guess Ill just invent a box of tissue
that can be permanently mounted on my face.


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