Im the Pool Boy

This is the most inviting thing on a day where you do hard manual labor. (Like cleaning the house) You see, my family left today to go to Lindsey’s  parents house to watch it for a week while they go on vacation. It is my duty to get as much of the house clean while they are away. So I re-potted a couple of plants, changed the front glass door to the more breezy screen door, picked up the living room, and cleaned the pool… And that was my downfall. After you clean pool, you MUST use it in order to test the wetness of the water you know. So I was forced to run these excruciating evaluations on the body of water known as the pool. Let me tell you it was rough! I had to swim several laps under water, on top of the water, jump in via back-flip and other hard to believe duties! But hey, I must stay true to pool testing! (I wonder if it needs another round…)


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