Prayer and Fasting

I was reading in the book of Acts last night in chapter 13 when I was moved to reread a passage that was talking about how the Apostles were all fasting and praying. During there time of prayer, the Spirit spoke to them and said to separate Saul (Paul the Apostle) and Barnabas for the work of the ministry which God had foreordained for them. After the Apostles recognized this, they prayed and fasted a second time and then laid hands on the two commissioning them for the work. 

Some times, ok, most of the time we don’t seem to pray nearly enough. Not to condemn myself or anyone else, but we usually fill our time with various other things than prayer and fasting. Well today I purposed in my heart to do just that. Since Lindsey and I are smack in the middle of planning our Church Plant to Greensboro NC, I was moved to submit myself to this form of worship before the Lord. Im not trying to get anything from God, nor is it going to gain me any special favor with Him, but only as a sign of my sincerity and concern for this move do I approach God in this manner. 
So pray for me as I go throughout the day that I don’t fall flat on my face due to the hunger in my belly!

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